Looking for someone to socialite within London?

Meet Lily the, cutest, hot and attractive girl at Paddington and around London. I am 24 years of age blessed with hazel brown eyes which are so attractive, blonde hair, a medium height of 172 cm and a bust 34D body which is athletic in nature so interesting to hold on. My skin is tan in colour, very natural and smooth when you touch it.

About Me

I have a body that every man wishes his girlfriend or wife to have and when we spent a day together you are likely to forget your partner’s love that she has been giving you. I believe my body is the most attractive and sexiest ever as rated by many guys a met during the escort in London.

I am interested in theatre plays, watching movies either a series movie or action movie, reading books and classical music blesses my soul when listening to them.

I am located in London England, Paddington where anyone willing to meet me and have an escort at London. Am very attractive by the look of an eye no man that passes without looking back to see me for the second time if not a third one. My eyes are sexy in nature and every man admires me when he looks at me face to face others admire even my photos without seeing me blushing in front of them. I really love my appearance which keeps any man that I come across any single day and I usually enjoy spending time with a man than any other thing in this world. I love being part of the date that I move out or spent a couple of days with a man around me holding the way he wants, am romantic and I think this is one of my strongest points and every man I have a date with he has no other option than to remember that date in his remaining days on earth.

I Care About Your Privacy

Due to privacy that many men always want, I have my own apartment at Paddington where I practice privacy of the highest order, I love keeping my activity indoors in my apartment. This reduces pressure from men who do not want to be seen moving around anyhow.

If you are looking forward to having a London escort, visit my website and have a keen look of my cute pictures in my gallery which are very accurate and have been just taken this year which means they are up-to-date.

I am looking forward very excited and with a hope that I will meet you one day and I hope that you will enjoy the date we will spend together as I will also enjoy your company. When we meet am very sure that you will not forget that date that we had together because I will treat you in a romantic way you have never experience before in your prior experience of love and date issues.

I will consider you as my king because am sure that you will treat me as your queen during the date, the way is gorgeous and sexy in my gallery is a true reflection of me.

What I Expact From You

In the whole escort in London, of course, there are those guys that attract me and they are the one I expect to meet on a date. It is good to date someone that you prefer to meet your specifications but is not saying am so selective what I mean is that there are men who make my day when I date them during the weekdays or weekends.

I prefer gentlemen who are over 40 years of age who are mature enough, should have god manners and a high personal hygiene. So consider those qualifications before booking an appointment with me. When it comes to payments, I don’t at all entertain bargaining because you should respect my time as well respect yours and this should not hinder our pleasure of spending our time together when we settle very peacefully I am sure that you will enjoy our stay together as well as I enjoy too.

Booking And Payment

When you are interested in me and you see I can help you and provide a comfort in your at a London escort, just book an appointment at least a few hours ahead because this one will give me time to prepare to meet you for the days that you are interested in and be able to have all the fun together and enjoy the date which is sure you will never forget. If after booking you have a change of mind and wish to cancel your booking, please do so to avoid inconveniences and you should notify me after you have cancelled the date.

When the date has been confirmed with exact date and time, I expect payment to be handled at the beginning of the meeting to avoid misunderstanding when the days or hours have already moved on. Anything beyond that will be a mutual agreement between the two of us as we enjoy our stay together.

I am just paid for my time that I spend with you and the company that I provide to make you happy during the London escort. Not that I do not enjoy your company actually I enjoy it the way you do when you have around you, life is so sweet when you have the right company around you.

I offer several services to my clients that we happen to meet for a date and I believe they are the one that makes them not to forget any date we have together in London. My services include; body massage, escort service, social events, dinner dates and weekend dates. When it comes to body massage, I massage every part of the body you would like to be massaged, dinner and weekend dates am very flexible and we move anywhere you would like us to go and enjoy ourselves.

When booking an appointment with me, book at least 2 hours before we meet to allow time to prepare. Include your details like time, a place for outcall, duration of the meeting and contact information. I will answer the email within a few minutes and notify you if I am available or not.


These are my hourly rates; 250GBP/hour. Outcalls - from 300GBP/hour. I also offer overnight dates and weekends. Overnight goes for 1200GBP while Weekend goes from 2500GBP.

Contact Lily

For bookings and any questions please email me to adress: